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My Wellness Center 4 U

Dr. Margaret Yearwood, PA-C/ND

Dr. Yearwood obtained her first Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Biology from Syracuse College in New York. Following that, she went on to get a second Bachelor’s Degree in the Sciences at Touro College in New York, leading to a certification as a Physician’s Assistant.  Following that, she attended Trinity College in Washington DC and graduated with a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.  She continues to upgrade her education by attending continuing education courses at Johns Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore MD.  Dr. Yearwood has a long history of caring for people, both mentally and physically.  She was a resident Naturopath at the Integrated Medical Clinic in Washington DC, where she treated celebrities and many Capitol Hill dignitaries.  Additionally, she has worked in numerous specialties - such as psychiatric, gynecology, pediatrics, and cardiology, to name a few - at some of the most respected hospitals and clinics in the United States.  
She currently works for Lifestream Behavioral Center, where she is well-respected amongst her colleagues and viewed as a take-charge person.  Likewise, she is known as one who looks out for the well-being of the “whole” patient, not simply focusing on the primary illness or problem. She has recently launched a Wellness spa and clinic, which is dedicated to her philosophy of treating the entire person, not the condition.  Included in her treatment will be intellective, nutritional and exercise techniques.  She is also a distributor for Boresha products, a new and innovative weight loss product. 

Other accomplishments include founding her Non-profit organization, House of Myo, dedicated to bringing awareness and solutions to the epidemic of childhood obesity, diabetes and other chronic illnesses.